The challenge is to develop new production systems which satisfy current energy needs and are compatible with the existing methods of distribution and the systems of automation and combustion.

Our philosphy is strongly environmental, based on the creation of a world-wide network of plants that will produce less contaminating fuels, both in the production and in the combustion process.


    • Exploiting natural resources below their own levels of recovery, in a sustainable and environmentally balanced way
    • Reducing the harmful effects of oil and the risks associated with its distribution, but retaining the many benefits it offers
    • Optimizing processes in search of higher performance yields of raw materials while eliminating hazardous and problematic residues
    • Creating wealth by establishing new industries and employment
    • Investigating permanently in synthesizing fuels in a manner that meets the specific needs of the consumer: Less contaminating fuels with higher energy yields
    • Helping to create a sustainable future for the upcoming generations