The Transformation Process

    • Reduced risk of accidents: a more efficient transformation process, at atmospheric pressure and temperatures below 600°C
    • Cost reductions in transport of raw materials when located close to source
    • High Yield, lower cost of raw material reflected in final product
    • High financial returns
    • Production plant capacity easily increased
    • Environmentally friendly


Environmental & Social

    • Ecological fuels
    • Reduced CO₂ emissions, throughout their life cycle
    • Waste recycling, converting waste to a source of wealth
    • Ecological Refining process
    • Low acoustic and visual impact, smaller scale plants
    • Creation of employment


End Product

  • Production close to market and consumer
  • High quality End Product with absence of oxygen
  • Possibility of conversion and adaptation of existing refineries
  • Compatibility in conventional distribution channels
  • Current international directives favouring the production of fuels from waste