Production Process

Raw Materials

The raw material used in the Kurata System has to be rich in hydrogen and carbon atoms. Therefore, both fossil and organic residues are technically feasible for its transformation.

– Fossil Residues: Used Industrial Oil, Plastics, Refinery Residue

– Organic Residues: Vegetable Oil, Biomass residues

Kurata’s current priority is the transformation of fossil residues, focusing on the following raw materials:

Production Process

The transformation process is divided into four main stages:

1.Pyrolysis of Raw Material: through the Pyrolysis Unit

2.Decomposition: Introduction of gases to the catalyst unit for the molecular decomposition

3.Molecular Recomposition: takes place inside of the catalyst unit, by altering the frequency of the natural quantum wave motion of molecules

4.Condensation: for the synthesis of the Final Product